My Story


My name is Naama and this is my blog.

Ever since I remember I was trying to make money.

If it was selling t-shirts with my own drawing when I was just 16 or delivering newspapers and later on trying MLM, starting an online business to consult small business owners how to systemize their work and on and on.

Somewhere in my 20’s I went into the standard path a lot of us go through which is to get a degree, find a good job, save a lot of money and climb the corporate ladder.

So I graduated with a B.Sc in Computer Science

And my first serious job was working for SAP as a junior support consultant. There was no chance to start as a developer as this was during the bubble crash in 2000. (Talk about downgrading….)

Within 2 years I found myself relocating to Toronto as a product expert that suppose to provide support and pre-sales services for Canadian customer and assist our Partner Channel.

I was living the dream. Living in this beautiful apartment in downtown Toronto, THAT I OWED on the 25th floor.

This was my view:

I spent weekends on houses by the lake and went on boats owned by people that I know.

I had enough money to save and live really comfortable life.

In 2010, while still living in Canada, I got exposed to MLM. I fell in love with this idea. I got exposed to personal development material that blew my mind.

You see, I was raised by parents with simple jobs. Nothing fancy. They do not have a degree or anything similar. So I was never exposed to the idea that I have the opportunity to really make it.

My mind always though, that money will come as soon as I hit VP level in SAP. So until that point I was investing all my time, working on the weekends on Starbucks sofas just to do a good job and nail promotion after promotion with SAP.

You see, back in 2007, 3 years before, I won the most prestigious SAP Award for North and South America called “The Best of The Best”.8 people are selected in different categories out of 8,000 employees.

I won the Professionalism award. And at that time, I was only a year and a half in Canada.

My heart was almost blowing out of my chest from proud. I got to drink Dom Perignon and have a 1-on-1 with SAP CEO at the time, Léo Apotheker.

So, going back to the personal development, I felt like someone opened my eyes.

The Beginning

In 2010, I decided it is time for a change.

I left my job and left Canada and tried to continue with MLM but realized that which I truly believe in this business model, it is not for me.

In my first 3 weeks in Israel, I took all the courses the country offers my as a newcomer:

  • How to start a business
  • How to run an import and export business (drop-shipping was not a thing at the time)
  • Marketing Strategies

And that pretty much filled up my week.

I was so eager to start something.

I didn’t want to waste the money I save while not having a job.

But I didn’t know what my business should be about.

So while continuing educating myself and growing personally and increasing my business knowledge, I decided it’s time to look for a job.

And i didn’t want to have anything to do with SAP. I wanted to experience in something else.

So there I was, nailing my first job in Israel for content wring, copy writing and digital product launch manager. I was basically working for someone that was providing Personal Growth seminars, webinars, coaching filling up concert halls and the go-to person in the field at the time.

He decided to give me a chance, and I was his right hand.

I went with him educational sessions that he takes to grow his marketing expertise, I developed landing pages, email series, sales pages, complete seminar scripts, e-books, blog posts, you name it. I did it all.

Ultimately, my name became the go-to person to provide product launch and marketing consulting.

But most of the people wanted to also write all their product launch content and this was not fur me.

So, while I was working for this guy, I was taking another course to help me finally start my own business.

During that time I owned 4 blogs in an effort to make affiliate income but I quit.

I took The Millionaire Mindset seminar by T. Harv Eker and join his professional program where I learned more on marketing, how to stand in front f a count, developing products and so on…

I even walked on burning coil.

Then I finally launched my own business, a product launch consulting business and I had 4 customers, my own blog, my own digital product that I sold, and I was on my way to make it.

Going back

And then I med by husband to be, who at that time, offered me to move in with him. But I still didn’t make any profit. Everything I was earning was covering my start up cost.

The idea of moving in with someone and relying on him for money was the ONE thing I could not bear. So I got myself a new job and told myself that I’ll be working on this business part-time.

Yeah, right…

It took me a month to quit it all together and invest myself completely in my new job. Back in the SAP Field.

I was working as an Enablement manager in a small but global company that sells SAP Solutions.

Making very good money, more than most of my friends and again, I felt like my life is a dream.

I started saving money again, bout a piece of land (just as an investment).

I have not forgotten about my dream to have my own business but somehow I find myself again stuck in the rat race, the very comfortable rat race and slowly that dream faded.

I move into a VP position as responsible for Enablement which is everything to do with onboarding partners, creating webinars, marketing videos, product videos, presentations, trainings and basically creating content and lots of content.

I was the go-to person in the company for copywriting edits, marketing text and any content creation.

I guess I all my years of marketing education and experience paid off.

8 years later, I am in the position that I want, making even better money.

And most importantly settled with 3 kids including 1-year-old twins when my oldest is just 3 years old.

It was not easy for us to have kids, we have had assistance from 2 amazing surrogacy mothers who brought us this miracle. Surrogacy consumed all our savings. But kids are priceless, and we are blessed to have them. The challenge of not being able to conceive is a topic for a blog by itself.

The Kick in the Ass

And then, in Dec 2019, my boss, the CEO of the company, called up a meeting telling me he would like me to step down from the management position and work as a specialist under the marketing development.

So nothing meaningful or that valuable.

From one day to the next, my trip to the management meeting was canceled, I was taken out of all management meetings and groups in Teams. And in that week and onwards, I almost communicated to no one but my boss. The new boss.

I was working remotely and my CEO decided he wants everyone in the management team to be located in an office, and he also explained that it will provide me more time with my family and having less stress in my life.

So in other words, I guess the next step is to show me the door.

I have done nothing wrong, my employees loved me, but I did have a few occasions that I had to spend time in the Kids ER as I was having an asmatic baby. So some other management members complained on my lack of availability.


So, I swallow the frog (barely) and felt terrible for a few days. Just felt like a failure.

And I was one of their dearest employees before I had kids, and specifically before my twin were born.

Well, I guess it is what it is.

So what did I do? I started this blog.

And I am not quitting.

This is my only way out of the 9-5 job, out of corporate world, performance reviews and whatever.

As the next step is getting fired, I have no other option but to make this blog work.

This is my family financial security we are talking about.

I do not want to go find another job.

Especially now during Covid-19.

I want to escape the rat race and start living.

Now it is up to me

Thank you for reading.

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