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Pinterest Video Pins: The Practical Guide (2020)



In the last few posts I have been focusing on Pinterest tutorials from different aspects as Pinterest is a great platform for bloggers who want to get FREE traffic.

This is also true for new bloggers as Google SEO takes a bit more time to send you traffic assuming you are doing SEO on their website.

This time I want to talk about Pinterest video pins. Pinterest has been pushing them and if you go to Pinterest feed, you’ll likely see some of them.

The focus here is on SOME of them.

Because not everyone is leveraging Video Pins yet and that means, as a new blogger you have the opportunity to beat your competition.

So let’s drill into it.

Here is what you will learn in this guide:

  1. What is a Video Pin
  2. Why is Pinterest pushing for video Pins and why you need to follow that trend
  3. What type of video pins can you create
  4. Pinterest SEO – you want to rank that pin higher
  5. What type of Videos should you focus on
  6. How to create a video pin on Canva
  7. Upload your pin to Pinterest
  8. How to schedule your pins
  9. Tips for creating super engaging videos

What is a Video Pin?

A video pin, allows you to share your page content in a story like way as if your content and ideas come to life. As Pinterest is a visual search, and users are watching more videos, videos lets you deliver a message in a much more engaging way than a regular Pinterest pin.

Follow The Trend

The Latest change of Pinterest Algorithm is to favor Video Pins.

Pinterest has been promoting video pins for since November 2016. Recently it has been promoting it even more and making sure their search algorithm will be able to distribute different type of content.

So it means, different types of pins, is by itself a ranking factor.

In the recent July 2020, Pinterest search algorithm update on Medium, Pinterest has created another layer of search algorithm that aims to favor diversified content types. So video pins for example.

“We might display more newly-created Pins to ensure our corpus doesn’t become stale, or more video Pins to surface actionable ideas from creators”

Here’s a quote from Pinterest Q2 2020 Letter to shareholders:

“Inspiring Pinners remains our first priority. We made important strides on this front in Q2. Video is a uniquely inspiring and engaging format for visual discovery, and, during Q2, total (organic + paid) daily video views grew over 150% year over year, while unique video uploads grew over 600% year over year.”

As this is a highly growing trend, as a blogger you want to take advantage of it.

If you are a new blogger, you can see great success, even if you are just starting out, if you diversify your content with Pinterest video pins.

If you do not have a blog already, I strongly advise starting with Bluehost for only $3.95 a month. You also get a FREE domain name for the first year!

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The reason is clear, it is much easier to get traffic using Pinterest SEO then it is with Google.

I am not saying you should not SEO your blog post. Not at all. But in parallel, start a Pinterest business account (if you haven’t already) and get started with pinning.

So, how do you create thumb-stopping content for people on Pinterest?

Let’s first explore what type of video pins you can start uploading.

What type of Video pins can you upload to Pinterest

A video pin can have different sources. You can either create a video or pin another video from across the web.

Pin a YouTube video – you can upload any video on YouTube either one you created and uploaded to your YouTube channel or another video you find interesting enough for your audience on Pinterest. All you need to do, is click on share

Pin YouTube video

Any Videos on the web using the share icon similarly

Video Pins you create on Canva or any other platform. I will focus on that further on in this guide as a separate topic.

What type of videos should you be focusing on?

Technical stuff

Pinterest prefers videos that are ranging from 4 second to 15 minutes long. When the video length sweet spot is 6 -15 seconds.

It can be a mp4. file or .mov and should be less than 2 GB. The video ratio should be square videos — a 1:1 aspect ratio — or vertical video at a 2:3 aspect ratio or a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Picking the right video

You video pin should tell a story.

67% of Pinners say video inspires them to take action, compared to 32% of users on other platforms

The most popular video pins are “Hot To” videos and Storytelling videos. These videos are seeing the most engagement from Pinterest users.

How to create engaging Video pins on Canva

As you know I am a big fan of Canva and I use it for all my blog and Pinterest graphics.

What you need to create a video pin on Canva is a video.

It can be a video of yourself that you upload to Canva or you can just pick a video from their stick video list or your other website to download free stock video.

Here are some website where you can find free stock videos:

When in Canva, you can select to create a Pinterest Video Pin.

Canva video pin

Select the template that you like or just create a new one and place your video and your text.

You should have an overlay text so your audience and Pinterest algorithm can see what the video is about.

Once you are done with creating your Pinterest video pin you can download it for free or ise Canva tool to directly import to Pinterest

Upload from Canva to Pinterest

Free Programs to Create Pinterest Video Pins

Other than Canva, there are great video editing software and available online. What great about those tools, just like with Canva, is that you do not need to have knowledge in video editing. So you can start as a beginner to create sunning videos that will make you pins go viral faster.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Invideo – I have started to explore this platform and so far it looks promising. It has many templates to design a vertical or square pin and its own media library. You can of course upload your own video if you wish. It also allows you to convert text to speech. With Invideo free plan you can:
    1. Export up to 60 videos a month
    2. Videos will include a trademark
  2. Wave.video – wave is quite similar to Invideo. The have a free plan which you can use to create your videos. Here is what it includes:
    1. Create video content for social media, blog, or any other content marketing needs.
    2. Videos on the free plan will NOT have a watermark,
    3. Create videos in 2 popular formats – square and landscape
    4. 2 million royalty-free stock videos, photos, and illustrations
    5. No limits on the number of videos you create

Upload Your Video Pin to Pinterest

Uploading to Pinterest is very easy with Pinterest new video uploading tool. You do need to have an active ad campaign or pay anything. All you need is a business account.

Just click on create a new pin and select the video you want to upload:

Upload a video pin to Pinterest

How to Schedule Your Pinterest Video Pins

You can schedule you pin manually by using the “Publish at a later date” option when creating a video pin.

I use Tailwind for scheduling all my image and video pins in advance. Tailwind allows you to plan and schedule all your pins and distribute them to you boards or group boards without spamming or breaking any group board rule.

Before Tailwind, I used to manually Pin around the clock, this was challenging as I am located in a different time zone than my target audience.

Today I can spend time with my 3 toddlers and still have Pins posting to my page.

Tips For Creating Super Engaging Videos Pins

1. Pinterest’s guide for engaging video pins

Pinterest released a great guide for creating engaging video pins. Here is a summary of it. I strongly recommend you take a look.

guide for engaging video

2. Make a WOW in the beginning

Have a WOW factor in the beginning – you know it takes just a few seconds to decide if you want to continue watching or not. So make sure to capture your audience in the beginning.

3. Make it short and enticing

Pinterest prefers videos that are 6-15 second long. If Pinterest prefers that, you should to. Don’t give to much data in a long video as then your audience may not click to go to your website. This is not good. You are doing all of that to get traffic.

So make your videos short.

4. Include Text Overlay

Don’t forget your text – I wrote it earlier, but make sure you have a text overlay.

Text allows you to deliver a message clearer. Especially if your audience has set videos sound to mute.

5. Don’t forget you still need to rank that pin

You should treat a video pin as if it would be a regular image pin. Meaning, you should focus on Pinterest SEO and make sure you highlight your selected keywords in the title and description on the pin.

If you are posting this video pin to promote a blog post, don’t forget to link your blog post URL on the website URL field.

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    If you are not creating video pins yet, you better start now. Don’t miss out on a great chance to grow your traffic.

    Especially if Pinterest video pins are easy to create.

    Remember that you may not see much traffic at the beginning but your video pins will remain on Pinterest platform and as they grow in popularity, you click through rate will increase as well.

    Happy pinning 🙂


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