How to Start an Anonymous Blog That Gets Traffic?

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Keeping your privacy when starting a new anonymous blog is something many people wonder for whatever reasons.

This is especially true for people that don’t want to share their personal lives or are working full time and do not want their boss to know they are embarking on a new venture.

The second reason is my case.

Of course, there are many reasons to blog anonymously, each one has its own and the reason may vary. I will not get in this post to each of the many reasons, I’ll leave this one for you.

I am working full time on a job that pays me well. At the moment, I do not want to jeopardize that even slightly.

So, I had to take the tough route to building a successful blog and a profitable online business.

Obviously when you choose to write anonymously, you lose the ability to share your new venture on your social media which is a big draw back, so the questions that comes to mind are naturally, it is possible to keep your privacy and still have a successful blog? Can you make money?

The quick answer is YES.

So, now the remaining questions is How exactly?

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to start an anonymous blog
  • Can you make money from anonymous blogging
  • The art of anonymous writing
  • Learn how to get traffic when you cannot use your personal social media
  • The downsides of anonymous blogging
how to blog anonymously

Starting an anonymous blog

So, how to start an anonymous blog?

Well, the first thing you need to do is to actually own your blog.

Your blog is like your real estate and it is the vehicle through which you are going to make your money.

This is where you want to drive traffic to.

But first, you need to complete a few steps to become an anonymous blogger:

1. Buy a domain and hosting

You want to have your own domain.

Obviously, you should not pick a domain name that has your real name.

It should be something you can connect with. Go for creating and appealing domains. You can use this great domain name generator.

You can use a domain name generator for getting some great ideas. Your domain name should match your blog name.

Once you have decided on your name, you need to go and buy it. You want to go with “.com” domains. As those are the best ones.

I strongly recommend Bluehost where you can buy the domain and the hosting together for only $3.95 a month. They make this process really easy for a beginner.

Their support team is really great. I have contacted them a few times for different issues, and they were always very helpful and straight to the point.

As for hosting, I have it all with Bluehost and have just upgraded to a VPS hosting instead of the shared hosting I used to have.

2. Set up an anonymous email that matches your domain name

Set up a new email for your website. It should match your domain name.

Do not use your personal email in contact forms, privacy policy or anywhere else if you want to keep your personality hidden.

3. Setup domain privacy protection

When you buy a domain, you need to provide your information like name, address, email and so on.

By default, everyone who search for this information can find it.

If you would like to hide this information as an anonymous blogger, you can set up domain privacy. This can be added for a small amount with your hosting provider.

For example, with Bluehost, you can set up this option when you buy your domain.

4. Set up your social media accounts

Create the blog social media accounts using a separate email then the one you have on your personal accounts.

Do not link those accounts to your real identity.

5. Join forums

You can join forums like Quora, Reddit or any other relevant forum and follow the questions that are coming up in your relevant niche.

This is also a great way to get to know your audience and what they care about, what scares them and what they wish to have. Getting to know your audience is important if you want to be able to match your content to their interest.

The art of anonymous writing

Starting an anonymous blog means your content really needs to stand out but also keep your real identity a secret.

Here are some tips for making sure there are you can start safely:

1. Make it personal

Even if you don’t want to share your identity. It is better is you share your personal stories.

Being personal helps your audience feel a connection with you and consider you trustworthy. So blogging anonymously is a great opportunity to share your stories and be open about your experience then if you had revealed your identity. Knowing that people who know you are going to read your blog, can make you feel uncomfortable to tell things as they are or as you would really like to share them.

So be open, genuine and honest, people can really tell the difference these days. If they feel your stories are fake then they may not stick to read them.

2. Keep photos anonymous

Of course, it is up to you if you want to share real photos or use stock photos.

Don’t share photos that are already published on social media.

You can use your photos but notice that people may guess where you live if you share photos from your neighborhood or any other location.

3. Think twice about sharing your real financial/health/mental data

Your personal data, like anything else, is something that you decide if and what to share.

But you should know, that if one day you decide to reveal your identity, then people you know will be able to see that data. So think twice and see what’s working best for you.

So, before posting anything personal, ask yourself how would you feel if your friend or your boss were to read it.

If you are ok with it, then go ahead and enjoy 🙂

4. Don’t like or share your blog posts in your personal social media

This goes without saying.

If you want your identity to be kept anonymous, then don’t like or share anything you’ve written / created using your personal social media account.

The downsides of anonymous blogging

The downside of blogging anonymously is not being able to use your social media accounts to promote your blog.

In another website I own, I have used my real name and kept sharing everything I have created.

My business Facebook page and traffic were much better than how long it takes me to get traffic with this blog. People were commenting and sharing my posts and my reach was much bigger from day one.

When starting out an anonymous blog, you need to invest much more in getting your initial traffic and that means extra time and extra money (if you want to go faster and have the budget for it).

Get traffic Without Your Network’s Help

I’ll be honest with you, it is definitely harder to get traffic when you are writing anonymously. It’s like starting from scratch in a new country when no one knows you.

Wandering the streets and hoping you would get your group of friends just not sure when.

Believe me, I have been there as well when I relocated to Canada for 5 years not knowing anyone. That was a while ago but I still remember the feeling. End of the story, of course by the end of the 5 years I had an extensive group of friend that we have to reserve a special private room that can fit all of them for my farewell party.

While getting traffic to a blog is something that can take time when keeping your identity a secret it is still possible.

There are different ways you can start getting traffic which are:

1. Promoting via Facebook / Instagram

This is a great and not so expensive way to get your first users to your new blog.

Your aim is to both promote your website or specific article and also to grow your page / account likes.

The reason you also want to grow your social media exposure is because you can grow a community that will get instant notification one you post a link to your new article. If someone follows you on Facebook or Instagram that are already your audience.

But that means that you also need to be active in those channels.

I suggest you pick one and focus on that until you start with another social media account.

2. Starting a Pinterest account and promoting your blog posts

Even though I have said before to focus on only one channel. A Pinterest account is almost a must when starting an anonymous blog for websites that write content about the following topics:

  • Beauty
  • Style
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Health and wellness
  • DIY and crafts
  • Travel
  • Food and drink
  • Quotes and inspiration
  • Photography

Pinterest is by far the better social media then all the others in terms of sales and its conversion rate is the highest.

Meaning, there is more chance of people clicking on your pin will actually buy something then if you would share it on Facebook.

It is also much easier to grow your list of followers and monthly views then it is in another social media platform.

Learn more:

Once you set up a Pinterest business account (which is different from your personal account) and create your boards you’ll need to start posting beautiful images of your content.

I use Canva to create those posts. I find it to be a great and free way to create the exact visual of my post that I can share in my Pinterest account.

For example, something like this:

You can grow your Pinterest account by posting your own pins and saving other’s to your boards

Alternatively, you can use an automatic system to do it for you by investing 2-3 hours each month.

I personally use Tailwind, which is a system that automate everything that you need to do manually.

It posts your Pinterest pins on a schedule that best fits your audience. So if you like to publish your post on Wednesday morning, maybe in Tailwind, if will suggest another time based on when users are more active on Pinterest to potentially grow your exposure.

I have seen instant results using Tailwind with its feature called Tribes which is a community of Tailwind users that’s sharing each other’s pins.

So, it is like everybody is helping everybody to become successful on Pinterest.

Seriously, I am glad that I have once read a review about this platform as it just saves me so much time in manually trying to grow my account.

3. Participate in forums

Remember you joined forums in the first step?

Now comes the time to actually participate and answer questions. Again be honest with your answers and do not try to over sell yourself if you want to gain people confidence.

4. Post on Medium

Medium is a great place to post your posts. It is like a blogging social media platform where people can post their articles. Here is a great infographic on why you should promote your content on Medium:

Reasons to Post on Medium

So create an account with your new email and start creating content.

You should know that you can import your posts to Medium using a convenient import button that’s available once you click on your profile > your stories:

Importing your post to Medium

Once clocked, you can paste a link to your article:

Import your anonymous blog post to Medium

And click Import to upload your post. You can of course modify your post before publishing.

This is simple and worth your efforts to get more traffic.

5. Write High Quality Content

The last, definitely not the least, but probably the most important is writing long and quality content.

Content and proper SEO is key to getting organic traffic. You should not avoid this step.

You can find many guide on how to properly implement SEO strategies within your content. But also focus on creating long content that covers the topic of the article from beginning to end. Starting with the problem and ending with the solution.

There is a correlation between writing long content and getting backlinks as you can find from Brian Dean’s research on SEO results in 2020:

Long form content generates more backlinks than short blog posts

Can you make money from anonymous blogging

The most burning question anonymous bloggers have is how to blog anonymously and make money.

And the answer is yes, of course.

All you need is a blog and if you do not have one I strongly advise starting with Bluehost for only $3.95 a month.

If your website has great and well-crafted content that answer your audience burning questions, and you are getting traffic, you can make money.

There are different ways to make money:

  1. Create your own online course
  2. Start affiliate marketing
  3. Placing add on your website
  4. Selling coaching or consulting hours

Many bloggers are mixing different income streams. For example, placing add and doing affiliate marketing.

Being consistent with your anonymous blog and not giving up if you’re not seeing instant rewards will reward you greatly later.

If you are just starting out, you should know that success will not come within one week, one month and sometimes even one week. That’s all ok and normal. Just keep doing what you do.

Your blog success is directly linked to how much time you can put into it. By learning from your mistakes and amending if necessary. And by your mindset and willingness to do whatever it takes.

I am a mother of 3 small toddlers and I do not have all the time in the world while I work full time. It is what it is.

I do not sleep for one straight night and my productivity is impacted.

To be honest with you, I do feel pressure to do more. This inner voice that tells me that I can do more.

At the same time, I remember that whatever I do now is better than not doing it at all.

So, if you aren’t able to become full time blogger or put extensive amount of work on your new blogging journey, that’s ok.

Take it as it comes and make sure you keep working on it.

Do not stop.

Even if sometime you are delayed on your posts or do not have time to share enough in social media, your consistency is what’s going to bring your success at the end and allows you to make money from your blog.

Be gentle with yourself.

And maybe one day, when you are successful enough, you would reveal your true identity.

Start an anonymous blog

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