In this post I will review of Wealthy Affiliate program that teaches more than 100,000 students by now how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

The program is an affiliate training that teaches you how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate by having an online business.

Is it really worth it?

As you know there’re tons of information out there and it is very hard to find and know which trainings are legit and which are not. So in this article, I’ll explain why I chose Wealthy Affiliate over some other affiliate marketing programs and who is it good for.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Wealthy Affiliate provides tools, training program and an active community so you can take your first steps in affiliate marketing.

The program was launched in 2005 and it has 15 years of training material.

I believe this program is great when having no skills in affiliate marketing. It provides a good basis to get started.

You should know that with Wealthy Affiliate you can sign up for free and stay for as long as you’d like. They do not ask for your credit card’s information. That’s a big plus by itself.

If you are looking for how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? I advise to you align your expectation. This is not a get rich quick program and it does take time to generate profit. But that is true to any business.

What made me look for an affiliate marketing training program like Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are like me and you wish to set up an online business and become self-employed with no skills in SEO, content writing or affiliate marketing you need to start somewhere.

Otherwise, you’ll find out it is quite challenging navigating and know which advice to listen to and which not. There are many claimed gurus out there (many of them may be very good) and the information they spread around is enormous.

At this stage in my life, when Covid-19 is spreading over the globe, there are many people that are either losing their jobs or scared of losing it, I find it important to start setting up a backup business. Something that not one, no boss can fire you from.

When I think of it, I am over 40 with 3 toddlers. I want to be able to support them as much as I can. The thought of being unemployed is just too much to bear.

Another point that was important to me, is that I cannot spend too much money right now and Wealthy Affiliate price point was just perfect.

But more importantly, I could try this platform for free and get a taste of the training material.

What I thought about Wealthy Affiliate when I first logged in after signing up for free?

To be honest with you, I signed up after reading a Wealthy Affiliate review just like this one. It was a few hours before I almost joined another program which cost over $5,000.

Gosh, I am so happy I read that review.

It saved me a lot of money. Too much money.

So when I first signed up for free, I thought I was dreaming.

This is what I saw:

Wealthy Affiliate dashboard

So how does the Wealthy Affiliate work?

Basically, what you see is a dashboard that includes everything you need to get started.

  • A structured training divided into lessons when each lesson has its own task to complete
  • A thriving community that seem, at a first glance to be active
  • Research tools
  • Live chat
  • And help center to ask support questions

This is what my eyes saw initially.

It felt like I have come to the right place.

I really want to succeed, so I need something that is organized, and I am not left alone to try things for myself that may work or worst, may not work.

And the really cool thing about all of this is that you do not need to install anything. You can access the training material from your mobile.

Seeing all that and taking the first class, where I actually made significant progress in a short amount of time made me join Wealthy Affiliate for to try it for a month for a discounted price of just $19.

$19 is nothing compared to the other stuff I buy, without even thinking twice, like coffee or a take out.

I decided to give it a try.

After all I felt like they provide me with an easy-to-follow blueprint to succeeding in the online world and specifically in affiliate marketing.

Also, for those $19 I can experience everything they have to offer in the premium account.

It was crazy not to try it out!

The training structure it made me go into action mode immediately

Starting in a new field where I am not sure what should be the next step each time, made me feel frustrated.

I enjoy the fact that I have a clear path, a road map of what steps I need to take. It makes me more organized and focus of what’s important.

This is what I found and want to focus on in my review of Wealthy Affiliate program.

Imagine you want to learn something new, you generally go to YouTube or read a blog. The problem with this is that you may be viewing information that may not come in the right order for you to implement it.

Of course, you can succeed by learning what’s available online. I do not question that.

However, because of the way Wealthy Affiliate works, having a course, that is structured and broken into small chunks, especially when you have a set to ‘To-Do’s’ after each lesson is important and gets you into the momentum and the mindset of doing.

Then if you get stuck somewhere along the road, you can always ask the community which is really convenient.

I cannot enforce the power of the community strong enough. It really is a deal breaker.

The Wealthy Affiliate community has some very experienced affiliate marketers that help you out. Imagine that…

They also write posts and share their best tips and advice.

Pick the training certification that works best for you

So, how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

There are two training routes you can choose from:

  • Taking the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” which includes 50 lessons (free membership get you access to the first 10 lessons). With this certification they teach you have to create an affiliate marketing blog for a niche that you pick
Wealthy Affiliate certification program
  • If you are not sure which niche to pick, you can create a blog to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program and of course, similar programs. So basically you can become an affiliate of Wealthy affiliate and get commission for referrals and sign ups.
Wealth Affiliate compensation

How Much Does it Cost to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

What is the difference between the free and premium membership?

As you can see, the premium membership provides you full access for everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. It cost $49 per month.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free at the started level. Which is really a great way to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate comperison

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the price I pay?

The short answer is yes.

It is very much worth it. I guess you already guess it from my review of Wealthy Affiliate program that I highly recommend it.

While the materials could be slightly improved, they still teach you how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

But, the strongest part of this program is its community.

When you are just starting out, you’re going to have lots of questions.

Losing yourself in google and trying to find the answers to your questions is challenging but more than that, it is time-consuming.

I find the community of wealthy affiliate to be very active. Just to give you an idea, I have raised a few questions so far and usually I get response within an hour or two which is really great. It is almost like asking a colleague who sits next to you.

The ability to get help, so fast just saves me tons of time and the side effect of that is that I feel more confident to take the next step.

They have set up the affiliate training platform into small chunks and each step has some “To-Do’s” that you have to check off. I find it really helpful, and I am able to translate what I have just learned into action.

For the practical person that I am, it works really well and I do learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

I actually love checking off those boxes and know that I have made program.

Also, the cost of entry is pretty low so you can just try it out for $19 for the first months and see if that works for you as well.

So hope by now you got a great insider look to how does Wealthy Affiliate work.