What does Coronavirus have to do having Full Time Freedom?

Last Updated on July 9, 2020 by Early retired mom

Most of us have felt at least once in our lives like a rat on a wheel having no time freedom at all.

We are re-living the same day over and over again.

When most of our day is spent working for someone, that even if we love him or him vision and the company he’s build, we are still working for him.

Nothing of this is ours.

Strange, no?

I work so hard and get nowhere.

At least, this is how I felt about 2 months ago.

Being a vice president in an international company that is fast growing, even if I loved my job, I still feared for job security. As I still feel today, since I still work there. It was always at the back of my head, that I can get fired and that I need to ask for permission to take a day off. Now, it is in front of me and I cannot miss it.

Now more than ever, when all business is taking a big heat due to the corona outbreak, it’s becoming way more important to take care our ourselves financially.

A great deal of the population is concerned about their job security. Companies are letting go of employees and that means more people won’t have enough money to pay the next month’s bills.

It is now time to cut spending, this is on the short term.

But more importantly, it is time to rethink your career and explore different options to increase your income.

No one knows what the future hold, and we need to adapt to a new reality. Now it is the Coronavirus but next it may be another disaster or financial crisis.

And no, I am not pessimistic in general, but I do want to make sure I have a backup plan for a rainy day and seems like in the next few months, until a vaccine is found, it’s going to be pouring here.

To stop being a rat on a wheel you need an umbrella.

Another thing that the Coronavirus is reminding us of, is how life is precious. We only have one life to live, right?

Time freedom allows us to spend our time the way we want to. Even if you are in quarantine at the moment 😉

But what I mean is, that if I want to enjoy time freedom with my family, I can. If I want to take a vacation, I can. I don’t have to ask anyone.

I can live my life though the experiences I wish to take.

Why Time Freedom Is So Important?

Time freedom is the ultimate goal.

Time is our most precious resource. It is a limited one, and we cannot generate more of it.

I can get money, power and other things but not time.

And it keeps ticking….

So, achieving time freedom means that we have achieved financial freedom.

That is our umbrella – Financial and Time freedom.

Time freedom allows us to adapt ourselves and our business more easily than if we had worked for someone else.

And no coronavirus will stop us. It may just slow us down.

Money and time freedom

Need More Time? Read These 5 Tips to Achieve Full Time Freedom

The problem of most of us is that we do not have free time to create the life that we want. It’s almost like the chicken and the egg.

Or this is what we say to ourselves.

As a mom for 3 very small kids, that occupy a lot of my time, and my sleep, I can say that all the time I used to have is gone.

On the rest of the time I am trying to recover my energies.

So I used to say that I need to wait until my twins, who are the youngest and currently 1.5 year old, I will hold on making any move toward any direction.

But for the past 3 months, I have stepped into this journey to achieve early retirements and stop living as if I am a rat on a wheel.

So how do I do it? How do I find the time to work on achieving my full time freedom goal?

1. The art of delegating

So how do I finally find time? I delegate what I can.

For example, let’s say I need to buy new cloths to my kids or maybe I need to shop for a gift? That will take me time that I do not have. Moreover, there is not chance I will go to the mall with 3 small kids (especially not these days).

I call my sister, that lives very close and ask her if she has any plans of going to the mall anytime soon. If the answer is yes, I ask her to shop for me. She enjoys it and I get to save my time.

So delegate what you can.

2. Use an online option to save time

It’s been a while since I went to the bank, to the supermarket and to any government office.

I haven’t called the local clinic to schedule appointments – I do it all online.

Whatever can be done online, I do it.

This is a huge time saver.

I am lucky to live in a country that most of those services are available online, and we do not need to speak to a representative or even leave our home to sort those things out.

3. Stop Multitasking – it drains you

Switching between different tasks. Like checking your email, reading the news, preparing dinner, and finishing that report is more mentally draining than doing one at a time.

Research shows that we can’t multitask. We are biologically incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously.

Multitasking lowers productivity.

4. Learn to prioritize

Whatever it is that you want to free up your time for? Whether it’s just to relax, spend time with the family or build a business, remember that you need to focus on the activities you love to do and bring in the biggest joy / revenue.

That means that you need to eliminate the other stuff you’re currently doing.

Just because other people are doing 1000 things doesn’t mean you need to.

Remember, you have 1440 minutes a day. Focus on what’s important and do it well. This is one sure why to achieve full time freedom.

5. Cut out distractions and disconnect

Wherever you can just disconnect. Close your email application, set your mobile to silent and turn it so you cannot see the notifications.

If there’s once this that cuts my momentum while I am focused on building my business is to look at mobile phone.

I always argue that the fact that we have a mobile phone, doesn’t mean we have to be available all the time. I set time in the day when I do not answer my phone but get back to people at a time that is convenient for ME.

Unless this is the kindergarten calling 😉

Ready to take action?

What step you can take to achieve full time freedom?